About us

As members of EOS Emerge we are honored to be part of this revolutionary project and to have the opportunity to present ourselves to the EOS community as a founding block producer candidate in the launch of an EOS.IO based blockchain.

We are a group of strong IT and blockchain enthusiasts with background and experience in IT in financial companies with a 14-yr history in the financial market and extensive knowledge about most of the financial instruments that appeared in the last decade, indicating our ability to adapt to the changing environments of business.

As such, we are extremely excited and ready to use our financial background, IT knowledge, and innovation skills to serve the EOS project.  

Our Blockchain experience

Early adopters

We have our own mining facility for bitcoin mining, using wind power plants. We are selling mining equipment as well, in order to support the growth of blockchain technology in Poland.


We are continuously educating people about the blockchain technology and what it can offer us, through our dedicated trainings, lectures and conferences. Poland has a very receptive crypto community and we are sure that many great decentralized projects will be created here.

Strong connections

We are the only official distributor of hardware wallet Ledger Nano S in the Polish market, listed on ledger website (as bitmining.pl) We believe that safety of users and awareness plays a key role in the further adoption of - broadly defined - cryptocurrency system.

What we can bring to EOS

Experience in development

In addition to our financial experience, we have vast experience in developing software and IT solutions that are compliant with financial market regulations. 

EOS is next big thing

We are big enthusiasts of the EOS ecosystem and we believe in its core foundations, which makes us want to be active participants in its early adoption phase. We are proud members of EOS testnets, Steemit and Telegram Community, and we are looking forward to being a vital part of this ecosystem.

Financial and tech resources

We are investors in EOS tokens almost since very first stages. In efforts to become Block Producers we are not starting from scratch - we have significant financial and tech resources that help us to meet the requirements of future EOS Block Producer from day 1.

Key Members

of EOS Emerge Team

3S Data Center

To achieve the best decentralization we will not use Google or Amazon infrastructure. By cooperating with one of the biggest Polish Data Center operator (publicly traded company) we can achieve better scalability and control of our job. We will use our own dedicated servers

  • 3S Group  with its seat in Katowice has been present in the telecommunication sector since the year 2002.
  • 3S has its own fiber-optic network with a length of nearly 3500 km and the Data Center Cluster. 
  • 3S was a technological partner of one of the most popular competition of e-sports in the world - Katowice Intel Extreme Masters, which brings over 100,000 spectators to the event center in just 2 days, not mentioning the other millions e-sports fans following the competition online.

EOS Emerge Tech Specs

Initial setup

We have been thoroughly evaluating the hardware specs to be needed for our Block Producing infrastructure at launch time of the project. While this is not final and might be subject to change within the following weeks, we plan initially to have:


INTEL XEON E5-2640 V4 10C/20T2.4G Hz 25MB


512 GB SSD

Scalling after EOS launch

Future setup

As the project will grow, we will be considering Intel Phi line up of processors as it can offer in our opinion the best performance for the task it will be facing with its 64 core. Storage will be scaled up as will be necessary for the growth of the EOS project.

We are planning to have multiple locations with failover facilities across Poland and Eastern Europe.

We are planning to allocate most of the reward toward scaling of our operation until achieving the best performance of our BP.

Community Rewards

First phase

We are strong believers in the EOS project. Given that at the beginning the most important task will be to smoothly and responsibly run BP node, our beginning efforts and investments will go 100 % to scale up hardware to facilitate a big number of transactions. It would be amazing to see 50k, 100k and more tx running on EOS smoothly and reliably, showing to the world the power of blockchain.

Second phase

Once we will be able to provide EOS with the best service as a Block Producer, we will concentrate on giving back to the EOS community. Amongst our efforts will be to bring awareness to the EOS project to companies. We will be organizing conferences, online courses, and other training to the potential to build apps on a decentralized network.

From the rewards received we will finance not only the infrastructure but also bounty programs to help us get even better in our job.

Send us a message

Contact information

Whether you are looking for answers, need support or want to meet with us, let us know! Use prefered form of communication stated below


Kościuszki 45/7 st.

40-048 Katowice, Poland





+48 500 149 938

+48 788 473 877


Working hours

Mon. - Fri. 9AM - 5PM